Sweet and Sour Chicken

Simple to cook and just as delicious, if not more so, than any Chinese takeaway.


Chicken Fricassee

This is delicious and the tarragon really adds to the flavour. Serve with fresh runner beans, caramelised roast carrots and… Continue reading »

Coconut Chicken Curry

If when you have simmered this, it is not spicy enough then do add a tablespoon of ground coriander and… Continue reading »

Canapes II

Some more of the wonderful canape ideas I saw demonstrated last night by Mary. Smoked Salmon on Rye Bread Rye… Continue reading »

Canapes I

I went to a wonderful demonstration of Christmas Treats ie canapes and as I am sure I will lose the… Continue reading »

Old Fashioned Cleaning Tips

A cut potato dipped in salt will remove rust from metal. A halved grapefruit dipped in salt will clean dirty… Continue reading »

My Curry Spice Mix

A great store cupboard spice that adds flavour to curries, pasta and fish dishes.

Braised Oxtail & Kidney

A yummy economical meaty stew that goes a long way and is great with dumplings, as a pie filling or… Continue reading »


Easy Blackcurrant Wine

Some friends of ours have been teaching us how to make wine so we thought we would start with a… Continue reading »

Alternative Chocolate Icing

This uses dark chocolate and icing sugar but makes a glossy icing that is easy to make instead of ganache… Continue reading »

chocolate cake

Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate buttercream is a simple icing to make and really benefits from some coffee which does not taste but really… Continue reading »


Chocolate Cake

A super delicious chocolate cake which stays fresh and lovely to eat for days. This cake does not need sandwiching… Continue reading »

A Perfect Victoria Sandwich Cake

I made this last week and simply sandwiched it together with some homemade strawberry jam, no buttercream or cream and… Continue reading »


Harbottle Show

    At the weekend I was very pleased to win some prizes at our local agricultural show, a complete… Continue reading »

Our Carbonara

Yellow Sauce

A sauce we love with poppadoms.

Quick and Easy Bean Chilli

An excellent store cupboard meal that is healthy and vegetarian

Sweet Potato Soup

Just what I needed today, a nice warming soup

Batter for Fritters

I know this is a common recipe but if it is here it is quick and easy to find


My Mad Chocolate Christmas Cake for @askmollybeauty !

Last week I saw a tweet from @askmollybeauty saying that she needed an “over the top” Christmas chocolate cake for… Continue reading »