Icing Cupcakes Tutorial

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Decorating Cupcakes With Piped Buttercream

Here are some photos showing how to pipe simple buttercream roses onto cupcakes and how to create swirls of buttercream on your cupcakes. I have shown both of these together because if your piped rose goes wrong you can simply carry on piping and create a swirl of buttercream! The nozzle I used to pipe these decorations is shown below. If you do not have this nozzle then use a wide star nozzle, you will get a different effect but still just as useful. At the bottom of this post I have given an example using a star nozzle.


















If when you finish the flat rose piping you are not happy with it, don’t pull the piping bag away just continue piping in decreasing circles to produce a swirl.













If you use a star nozzle you will get a slightly different effect.








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