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Beef Stuffed Mushrooms

Having jumped at a bargain 10 huge mushrooms for £2 I now had to think up ways to use them…. Continue reading »

Tahini Dip

Great with barbecued courgettes. Related PostsStir Fried Brussel SproutsI had the chance to buy a sack of brussel sprouts for… Continue reading »


Make this using any mix of greens – just make sure at least half of them have flavour eg rocket, basil,… Continue reading »

Perfect Chicken Chow Mein

A local chef taught me how to make a fail safe chow mein which tastes wonderful. Related PostsSweet and Sour… Continue reading »

Piri Piri Seasoning

This makes plenty for your spice jars. Related PostsBraised Oxtail & KidneyA yummy economical meaty stew that goes a long… Continue reading »

Chicken Fricassee

This is delicious and the tarragon really adds to the flavour. Serve with fresh runner beans, caramelised roast carrots and… Continue reading »

Easy Blackcurrant Wine

Some friends of ours have been teaching us how to make wine so we thought we would start with a… Continue reading »

chocolate cake

Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate buttercream is a simple icing to make and really benefits from some coffee which does not taste but really… Continue reading »

Chocolate Cake

A super delicious chocolate cake which stays fresh and lovely to eat for days. This cake does not need sandwiching… Continue reading »

Harbottle Show

    At the weekend I was very pleased to win some prizes at our local agricultural show, a complete… Continue reading »

A Baked Cheesecake Using Homemade Cream Cheese

A yummy cheesecake using the home made cheese I made earlier Related PostsGrown Up Angel DelightThis is just such a… Continue reading »

Fruity Prune Chutney

This wonderful rich smooth chutney was invented by accident as we had a glut of prunes. Related PostsMushroom RisottoThis works… Continue reading »

Hot Water Pastry Pies

This is an excellent way to use up cooked chicken etc and, depending what you put in the filling, each… Continue reading »

Quick and Simple Carnation Cheesecake

This uses condensed milk and is quick and easy to make. Related PostsEmma’s Minty Lemon DressingEmma and I worked this… Continue reading »

Pastryless Quiche

I have always preferred the filling rather than the pastry so this is a great recipe. Related PostsAnother Chair ProjectHere… Continue reading »

Chicken Satay

I have combined elements of my 2 satay recipes to make this, definitely the best so far. Related PostsYorkshire PuddingIdeal… Continue reading »

2 Tone Icing For Cupcakes

  Two tone icing can look very good on cupcakes and birthday cakes. When subtle it is pretty and petal… Continue reading »

Icing Cupcakes Tutorial

Decorating Cupcakes With Piped Buttercream Here are some photos showing how to pipe simple buttercream roses onto cupcakes and how… Continue reading »

Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya

This is adapted from a recipe on Good Food. Related PostsOaty BiscuitsQuick and easy biscuits to make. These biscuits have… Continue reading »

Gladys’s Pastry

A recipe given to me some years ago which makes a very short pastry, lovely for mince pies or any… Continue reading »