Canapes I

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I went to a wonderful demonstration of Christmas Treats ie canapes and as I am sure I will lose the scrap of paper I have written my notes on I am going to put my notes here so that I can try and replicate some of Mary’s wonderful ideas.

Easy Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Roulade

Add a good handful of roughly chopped smoked salmon to about the same amount of cream cheese. Add a teaspoonful of horseradish sauce or wasabi, add this to taste. Season with black pepper and add some chopped chervil or chives, just enough to add a little colour. Whizz the mixture using a hand blender and then spread this onto a tortilla, roll it tightly and put in the fridge for the cream cheese to harden a little, then slice into 1cm slices and serve garnished with fresh herbs or maybe thin slivers of bottled red peppers.

Chicken Liver Parfait

Slice some day old baguette thinly, drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper and toast in the oven at 180C for about 10 minutes until crisp. Chop half a shallot finely and fry for a couple of minutes then add 125g of chicken livers (buy them frozen at Morrisons) to the pan and cook until they are still pink inside, add salt and pepper and add 2tbsp of brandy to the pan. Flame the brandy to burn off the alcohol and when that has subsided, pour in 4tbsp of cream. Blend the mixture until smooth and place in the fridge to thicken slightly then pipe onto the toasts.

Tomato Salsa Tortilla Cups

Chop 1/2 red onion, 2 tomatoes and 1/2 a small red or yellow pepper, finely.(add avocado, garlic etc as wished) Add the zest and juice of a lime, 1tbsp of sugar, 1tbsp of red wine vinegar, mix together and add a drizzle of olive oil plus salt and pepper and some chopped green herbs if you wish.

Slice tortillas into 2inch wide strips and then again to make 2inch squares of tortilla. Place each one in a bun tin to make a cup shape and once the bun tray is full place another bun try on top to hold the squares into their cup shapes. Cook at 180C for 10 minutes, checking that they do not burn, they need to be crisp but not over-cooked.

Once slightly cooled put a teaspoonful or so of the salsa into each cup and serve, ideally with small sherry glasses of the next item ie Bloody May Sips.

Bloody Mary Sips

Mix a 1L carton of tomato juice with a few drops of tabasco, a good glug of worcestershire sauce and 1tsp or so of celery salt, mix and taste and adjust the flavour by adding more of some of the ingredients eg more celery salt. Then add vodka to taste, ie if you want a mild drink just add a good glug but if you want an properly alcoholic cocktail then add 250ml-330ml of vodka.

The remainder of the canape recipes will be in the next post!

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